Yes, There Is a Keyboard Official Cristiano Ronaldo Is as Absurd as It Sounds

There is an official keyboard of Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, you read correctly. I do not know very well how it happened: can some developer to seek any sponsor with many image or simply the team of Portuguese Footballer thought it was a good idea that this appeared as the official image of one. I don’t know, but I’d like to know it, but the only certainty I have is that there is.

After learning of its existence, I decided to give it a try, what could go wrong. In these five years using Android I’ve tried all kinds of keyboards, and, who knows, Perhaps it was losing me a good application to get carried away by my escepticisimo. I decided to install it and, indeed, it is an idea as bad as it seems.

Many Christian, poor quality

Install the application, open it and I get a wizard style of SwiftKey that, step by step, leads me to configure the keyboard. A very fast standard process that ends up leading me to an options menu where you can add more languages, suggested words and themes, although really of the latter there is plentiful since There is only one option, the one that comes by default.

I open an application and pulse about a text box to invoke the keyboard and there comes before my eyes: large keys, aesthetically ugly with a large contrast between the keys of the letters and the willing to commands (Enter, shift…). The icing on the cake a strip puts it at the top that Cristiano Ronaldo to remind us, of course, we are using the official keyboard of the footballer. At that time I wonder if CR7 will also use it on your mobile.

The predictions of the keyboard work well and I soon discover that it is able to anticipate and know when I want to write Leo Messsi or FC Barcelona. Vaciles aside, the design of the keys not encouraged to be fast and takes us a little time get used to a distribution of keys too big and little successful. I start to miss my keyboard.

Doing a little more research I discover that when pulse in the bar of Cristiano Ronaldo appears to me an application where can you find social networks of footballer: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The design is rather poor and more typical of a designer who is taking its first steps. Navigation is a little awkward, not loaded thumbnails in each preview and view the images is a bit tortuous. What I feel Ronaldo, not you, me. Well, either, it’s the application.

Before you uninstall it, this application is not for me, I decided to pass me by Google Play to read opinions of people and I am surprised that having between 500 and 1000 installations have more than 3,400 users opining about it with an average five-star grade. I start to read reviews and everyone seems happy. For taste colors, I guess.

My problem, at all, is with the footballer. The conflict I see it in a Development Studio to create a keyboard that does nothing more than a familiar face to be known. There are several options that work much better and do not have so much advertising artifice.

Cristiano Ronaldo communication keypad

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Kibo Mobile
  • Download: Google Play