Toronto Hotels

The following Toronto hotels are divided into three categories: Luxurious (over C $ 250) Moderate ( C $  150 to 250) Inexpensive (up to C $ 150) These are minimum prices for a double room excluding tax and breakfast unless otherwise stated specified. Province of Ontario sales tax and government sales tax are added to the hotel […]

Events in Toronto

Winterlicious Toronto is particularly popular with gourmets from late January to early February and July. During this time, participating restaurants offer a variety of culinary delights at affordable prices. Date: January 31, 2020 – February 13, 2020 Location: Participating restaurants Website: Canada Blooms Gardeners and designers as well as famous florists show their skills in the flower and […]

Countries and Flags in North America

Facts about North America

North America is one of the world’s seven continents. It is the third largest in area, and the fourth largest in population (513 million inv. (2008)). North American countries According to countryaah, North America contains 23 states, the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Central American states and the Caribbean, sometimes Cuba. In addition, there are […]

Map of Latin America

Latin America

Religion Christianity was brought to Latin America by Spanish and Portuguese missionaries in connection with the colonial conquest. Many Native Americans were forcibly baptized, and the church organization was built as part of the colonization. However, there was a church opposition to this, especially among the Jesuits; inter alia the so-called reductions were set up […]

Toronto restaurants

The following restaurants in Toronto are divided into three categories: Expensive (over C $ 100) Moderate ( C $ 35 to C 100) Inexpensive (up to C $ 35) It is the average price for a three-course menu for one person and at least one glass of the cheapest wine or a comparable drink. Taxes or tips are […]

Things to do in Toronto

Sports Toronto is first and foremost an ice hockey city and it is therefore no wonder that the Hockey Hall of Fame (Internet:  is located here. The mood in the city depends very much on the success or failure of the Toronto Maple Leafs (Internet: , one of the most historic teams in the National Ice […]

The most popular sports in Guyana are cricket , softball (beach cricket) and football.


Guyana, Republic of Northeastern America. The country has a coast to the Atlantic Ocean in the north and borders Suriname in the east, Brazil in the south and southwest and Venezuela in the northwest. Guyana was a British colony from 1814 and became independent in 1966. Three-quarters of the country is covered by rainforest. 90 […]



Ecuador is a republic in northwestern South America, at the equator. It borders Colombia in the north, Peru in the south and east, and the Pacific in the west. The Galápagos Islands in the Pacific about 1,000 kilometers from the mainland are also part of Ecuador. The Andes range from north to south across two […]

Gabriel García Márquez

Colombia’s Literature

The actual Colombian literature begins only after the liberation from Spain in 1819. The poetry was nationally romantic, as in most newly formed South American states at the time. Two prominent poets from this period are José Eusebio Caro and Julio Arboleda, both influenced by Victor Hugo and George Gordon Byron. Within the prose poetry, […]

Simón Bolívar

Theater in Colombia

There is little activity to speak of when it comes to theater in Colombia during the Spanish colonial period, except there have been Native American ceremonies and ritual dances to carry on legends and traditions. One is known for a theatrical performance from the colony of New Granada in 1580 and in the 18th century, […]