Fernando Botero

Art in Colombia

Modern art has evolved in an interplay between Western trends, Native American traditions and Latin American currents such as the Mexican mural. In the 1800s and early 1900s, the influence of Spain was noticeable. Modernism was initiated by Andrés de Santa María (1860–1945). His works show a clear influence from naturalism, realism and from impressionism. […]

Toronto Islands

Attractions in Toronto

Attractions in Toronto Art Gallery of Ontario AGO is Canada’s leading art gallery, showing special exhibitions and a large permanent exhibition of international art. A European collection is housed on the ground floor, containing works from the Italian Renaissance, Flemish art, French paintings from the 17th century and Impressionist paintings, as well as works from Chagall […]

Honduras flag

Honduras Overview

According to Digopaul, Honduras is located in Central America and borders Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Before Honduras became independent in 1821, the country was a Spanish colony. Capital: Tegucigalpa Biggest city: Tegucigalpa State: republic Language: Spanish Religion: catholicism Surface: 112,090 km Population: 8.6 million (2013) Population density: 70 inhabitants per km² Expectancy: 70 years […]

Panama flag

Panama Overview

According to Digopaul, Panama is located in Central America and borders Colombia and Costa Rica. The state of Panama arose, mainly on American initiative, when it was separated from Colombia in 1903. Capital: Panama City Biggest city: Panama City State: republic Language: Spanish Religion: catholicism Surface: 78 200 km² Population: 3.9 million (2013) Population density: […]

Nicaragua flag

Nicaragua Overview

According to Digopaul, Nicaragua is Central America’s largest state on the surface. The country faces the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and borders Costa Rica and Honduras. Nicaragua also has Central America’s largest freshwater source, Lake Nicaragua (Lake Nicaragua). Capital: Managua Biggest city: Managua State: republic Language: Spanish Religion: catholicism Surface: 129 494 km² […]

Montserrat flag

Montserrat Overview

According to Digopaul, Montserrat is a lush, mountainous island of volcanic origin in the eastern Caribbean, belonging to the Lesser Antilles archipelago. It is 16 km long and 11 km wide, which gives it a 40 kilometer coastline. Capital: Plymouth Biggest city: Brades State: British territory Language: English Religion: Protestantism Surface: 102 km Population: 6,200 […]

Mexico flag

Mexico Overview

According to Digopaul, Mexico is located in southern North America and borders Belize, Guatemala and the United States and has coasts to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In 1810, a group of insurgents declared the country’s independence, sparking a civil war, the Mexican War of Independence, against the federal government, which was loyal to […]

Cuba flag

Cuba Overview

According to Digopaul, Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, and as large as the other islands combined. The country has long been ruled by Fidel Castro, and despite internal and external pressures, Cuba has remained relatively unchanged since the 1950s. Capital: Havana Biggest city: Havana State: republic Language: Spanish Religion: catholicism Surface: 100 […]

Canada flag

Canada Overview

According to Digopaul, Magnificent tundra, vast forests and mighty mountain ranges. Canada is the world’s second largest country after Russia and 22 times larger than Sweden. With a population of around 35 million, it is also one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries with only three residents per square kilometer. Capital: Ottawa Biggest city: […]