Europe Natural framework

Europe: Natural framework

According to countryaah, Europe is a continent that encompasses approximately 50 countries. Of these, the majority are constitutional countries, also presenting some constitutional monarchies, such as: United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands. Like every continent, Europe has political, economic and ethnic differences. We can then divide Europe into regions according to their distribution in space […]


Mass Media in the Middle East

Mass media in Kuwait Kuwait – Middle East Kuwait is a state in Asia. The capital of the country is Kuwait. Around 4.1 million Kuwait people, Kuwait people of other nationalities, live in Kuwait. The official language is Arabic. Kuwait covers an area of ​​around 18,000 km² and is about seven times the size of […]

Africa's industrial sector

Africa Industry

By independence, most countries had only a very modest industrial sector. Only in South Africa, Zimbabwe (formerly known as Southern Rhodesia according to countryaah) and Egypt did industrialization begin before 1960. This meant that African countries faced large investments in order to create the basis of a local industry. The infrastructure, including especially energy facilities, […]


EU Legislative Process

When new legislation is initiated in the EU – which stands for European Union by abbreviationfinder, it is the European Commission that formulates and presents the bill. The Commission has a central legislative function, where it decides whether to propose new legislation, what the proposal should contain and the type of act. The most common […]