Pinar del Río and the West

Cuba Attractions

Santiago de Cuba and the East Camagüey, 563 km east of Havana, offers a number of churches and museums worth seeing. The city is in the center of a fertile plain where sugar is produced. The almost untouched Camagüey Archipelago is also known as Jardines del Rey. Within the natural park there are about 20 […]

Cuba flag

Cuba Overview

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, and as large as the other islands combined. The country has long been ruled by Fidel Castro, and despite internal and external pressures, Cuba has remained relatively unchanged since the 1950s. Capital: Havana Biggest city: Havana State: republic Language: Spanish Religion: catholicism Surface: 100 860 km² Population: […]

Cuba Arts and Literature

Cuba Arts and Literature

Literature At the beginning of the 19th century, José María Heredia was involved in a short, stormy life in Cuba’s quest for a liberation from Spain. He occasionally lived in exile. His poetry initiates romance in Cuba. This one got its main representative in Gertrude’s Gómez de Avellaneda. Cuba’s most versatile literary talent during the […]