San Antonio (Texas)

San Antonio (Texas)

San Antonio, (Texas): It is the seventh most populous city in the United States and the second in the state of Texas. It is the capital of Bexar County and is located in the Southwest of the United States and in the northern part of South Texas.

The city of San Antonio is located in south central Texas, approximately 200 miles southwest of Houston, and about 150 miles north of the Mexican border. It is known for its beautiful Paseo del Río and for the Alamo, a national historic site, also considered a sacred place of Mexican independence.

In the 2010 Census it had a population of 1,327,407 residents and a population density of 1,098.14 people per km². It is crossed by the San Antonio River.

The city has a large Hispanic population and is the epicenter of Texan culture and tourism in Texas.

This city received its name from the Portuguese Saint Anthony of Padua, on June 13 its holiday is celebrated because in 1691 a Spanish expedition stopped in the area.

This city is famous for its Spanish missions, the Alamo, the River Walk, the Tower of the Americas, the SeaWorld San Antonio and the Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

San Antonio has a large military representation where they are located: Fort Sam Houston and the Lackland, Randolph and Brooks City Air Force Bases, with the Bullis and Stanley training grounds on the outskirts of the city.


According to the United States Census Bureau, San Antonio has a total area of 1208.78 km², of which 1193.81 km² correspond to the mainland and 14.97 km² is water. It is crossed by the San Antonio River. The first source of drinking water in the city was the Edwards Aquifer. Lakes Víctor Braunig and Calaveras were among the first reservoirs in the country built for the recycled use of wastewater.


The climate of San Antonio alternates between dry and humid, depending on the prevailing winds. Summers are hot and winters vary from mild to cold


There are data on its foundation that suggest that the origin of the city was one of the many mission towns. Specifically, the Mission of San Antonio de Valero (El Álamo), the Presidio of San Antonio de Béjar and the Acequia Madre de Valero, founded by the missionary Fray Antonio de Olivares, formed the founding nucleus of the current city. Later, it was populated by several families from the Canary Islands.

The property of the Mission of San Antonio de Valero (later known as the Alamo) was transferred on May 1 by the governor, to Fray Antonio de Olivares. On May 5, 1718 he entrusted the Presidio of San Antonio de Béjar. On February 14, 1719, the Marquis of San Miguel de Aguayo proposed to the King of Spain that 400 families would be transported from the Canary Islands, to populate the province of Texas. His plan was approved, and the Council of the Indies suggested that 400 families should be sent from the Canary Islands to Texas via Havana and Veracruz.

Monument to the Defenders of the Alamo San Antonio became the largest Spanish settlement in Texas; It was designated as the capital of the Spanish, after Mexico, province of Texas.

In 1845, the United States finally decided to annex Texas, and include it as a union state. This led to the Mexican-American War. Although the US. ultimately won, the war was devastating for San Antonio.

The Alamo is one of the top attractions in Texas

The Alamo and Paseo El Rio are the most important tourist attractions in San Antonio, and the two main attractions around the state of Texas. The Alamo is a partially rebuilt Spanish Mission, located in the center of the city. It was the place where 189 patriots from Texas died in 1936, while defending their land against the far superior Mexican army, led by General Antonio López de Santa Ana. Among the defenders were the famous Davy Crockett and the picturesque Texan Jim Bowie., warrior known for his skills with knives. The small museum of historical artifacts, housed in the rebuilt chapel, has free access. One block from Alamo Plaza, you can relive the historic Battle of the Alamo at the San Antonio Rivercenter IMAX Theater and the “Texas Adventure” Special Effects Theater.

Abundant Hispanic culture and Mexican heritage

La Villita, next to the Paseo del Río, is a historic section of the city center that has been transformed into an arts and crafts community, with small shops selling interesting gifts and souvenirs. Just a few blocks south, the King Williams Historic District has hundreds of finely preserved Victorian homes.

El Mercado, located at the west end of downtown, is the largest Mexican market in the United States. There you can buy beautiful handmade pottery, jewelry, art and clothing at very cheap prices. In this area there are also some other Latin cultural attractions, among them the Palace of the Spanish Governor, the Navarro house-museum and the San Fernando Cathedral.

Buckhorn Museum is an old Western Tavern

Square next to the Alamo there are several interesting museums and cultural attractions, including the Children’s Museum San Antonio and Museum and Hertzberg Circus Collection. The Buckhorn Tavern and Museum is very interesting. It’s an old-fashioned western tavern and restaurant, with a museum of animal horns, remarkable coybows, and strange artifacts.

Other attractions

The Tower of the Americas is 750 feet tall and sits in the middle of beautiful HemisFair Park, a few blocks southeast of downtown.

The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is in the southern suburbs of San Antonio. It has remains of four Spanish missions in different states of preservation. Mission San José is the one that has been best preserved, with its complex completely rebuilt, as it would have been seen in colonial times. Lets see how the mission functioned as a self-sufficient farming and manufacturing community, with homes for hundreds of pacified Native American Indians.

Schlitterbahn, a German water park in Texas?

There are several amusement parks on the outskirts of the city. Mundo Marino San Antonio, with its aquatic shows, is located 15 minutes west of the urban center; Six Flags Fiesta Texas Park and Splashtown Water Park, about 15 minutes north. Schlitterbahn, about 30 miles north on Route 35, in very interesting. This German-style water park, complete with a replica of a castle and one of the largest and best water slides in the country, is located in the middle of a German colony called New Braunfels.

Illustrious people

  • Shawn Michaels, WWE wrestler.
  • [[Emilio Navaira], singer of Tejano music.
  • Chris Pérez, guitarist and widower of singer Selena
  • Christopher Cross, musician and singer
  • Robert Rodríguez, director and producer of American films.
  • Joan Crawford, actress.
  • Summer Glau, actress.
  • Jared Padalecki, film actor (The House of Wax) and television (Supernatural (TV series).
  • Austin Mahone, singer.
  • [[Ally Brooke, singer of Fifth Harmony.
  • James Hetfield, singer of Metallica.
  • Ann Ward, supermodel.
  • Henry Thomas, actor (Protagonist of ET).
  • Lamar Seeligson Smith, Republican Party politician.
  • Michelle Rodríguez, actress known for playing Leti Ortiz in the Fast and Furious movies.

San Antonio (Texas)