Raccoons can weigh 10-12 kg and are among the largest half bears.

Plant Life and Wildlife in Colombia

Plant life in Colombia Plant life shows great variety. Up to approx. 1300 masl the vegetation is tropical. The lowlands of the Pacific and the Amazonassetta are covered by rainforest, while the Orinocosletta and much of the Caribbean coastal land have savanna. On the Guajira Peninsula, which is the driest region of the country, there […]

The Cocora Valley

Geography of Colombia

Colombia is dominated by the Andes which form a highland in the west. Lowland east, partly belonging to the Orinoco Plain Llanos and partly to the Amazon ‘urskog Selva, occupying 3 / 5 of the land area, but is very sparsely populated. The western highlands consist of four distinct mountain ranges or cordilleras that run […]

New York cityscape

New York City Travel Guide

City Overview of New York City New York has always been a cosmopolitan city, and its multicultural residents, who speak over 80 languages ​​together, give this mega-city an energy that is as lively and captivating as it is portrayed in numerous films. With more than 18,000 restaurants, 150 world-class museums and over 10,000 shops selling brand […]