Colombia Arts and Literature

Colombia Arts and Literature

Literature Of the chroniclers who described the conquest of New Granada, later Colombia, in the 17th century, notably Juan Rodríguez Freile, son of a conquistador, depicting life in the colony until 1636, and bishop Lucas Fernández de Piedrahita, with royal indigenous blood in the veins, who also praise the cultures that existed in Colombia before […]

Gabriel García Márquez

Colombia’s Literature

The actual Colombian literature begins only after the liberation from Spain in 1819. The poetry was nationally romantic, as in most newly formed South American states at the time. Two prominent poets from this period are José Eusebio Caro and Julio Arboleda, both influenced by Victor Hugo and George Gordon Byron. Within the prose poetry, […]

Simón Bolívar

Theater in Colombia

There is little activity to speak of when it comes to theater in Colombia during the Spanish colonial period, except there have been Native American ceremonies and ritual dances to carry on legends and traditions. One is known for a theatrical performance from the colony of New Granada in 1580 and in the 18th century, […]

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Plant Life and Wildlife in Colombia

Plant life in Colombia Plant life shows great variety. Up to approx. 1300 masl the vegetation is tropical. The lowlands of the Pacific and the Amazonassetta are covered by rainforest, while the Orinocosletta and much of the Caribbean coastal land have savanna. On the Guajira Peninsula, which is the driest region of the country, there […]

The Cocora Valley

Geography of Colombia

Colombia is dominated by the Andes which form a highland in the west. Lowland east, partly belonging to the Orinoco Plain Llanos and partly to the Amazon ‘urskog Selva, occupying 3 / 5 of the land area, but is very sparsely populated. The western highlands consist of four distinct mountain ranges or cordilleras that run […]

Singer Shakira

Music in Colombia

The folk and popular music Folk and popular music varies within the different regions. Along the Atlantic coast, the influence of Caribbean music is strong, in addition to Spanish styles, also English and French. There are also local African American traditions among descendants of escaped slaves. Along the Pacific coast, music that combines Spanish with […]