Tours to Argentina

Tours to Argentina

A tour operator in Argentina in Moscow offers travelers exciting individual tours around the country of the “Six Continents”. Tours to Argentina are a fascinating kaleidoscope of impressions from visiting a unique country! The ski resorts of Argentinean Switzerland Bariloche, the clean and peaceful beaches of Mar del Plata, the beach for young tourists with […]

Argentina Flora 4

Argentina Flora Part IV

The botanical characteristic of the Pampean prairie is the absolute lack of trees. The study of the plant associations that cover it is not yet completed; its dominant primitive vegetation is constituted by the Graminaceae of the genus Stipa, commonly called flechillas for their flowers equipped with long restas with fine hairs when the fruits ripen; this gives […]

Argentina Flora 3

Argentina Flora Part III

The tree species of the Argentine woods reach the figure of 400 and many of them are actively exploited. They have been especially studied by the botanists Lillo and Spegazzini. We will remember for Misiones the following species of economic importance: Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil. of the Aquifoliaceae, a tall tree with large foliage, common in certain […]

Argentina Flora 2

Argentina Flora Part II

In the territory of the Central Pampa which includes this formation and partly in the province of San Luis there are large extensions covered by caldenes, good looking trees, with large rough trunk, of great height, very branchy and which are actively exploited for wood and to pave the streets of Buenos Aires. The taxonomy of […]

Argentina Flora 1

Argentina Flora Part I

The Argentine flora is not yet fully known. Up to now there is no overall work that gives a somewhat complete aspect of the phytogeographic physiognomy of the country; only Patagonia has been the subject of numerous and accurate works carried out by eminent botanists such as Spegazzini and Haumann, among those who have resided […]

Argentina Culture

Argentina Culture

Typically Argentina?! What do you think of Argentina? Why not ask your parents or friends what they think of when they hear the word Argentina! Maybe something of this: Bovine There are actually very many cattle in Argentina. In the vast plains of the pampas they have a lot of space. Unfortunately, however, there are […]

Argentina Foods

Argentina Foods

What do the Argentines eat? Many dishes of Argentine cuisine can also be found in other Latin American countries, such as empanadas. These filled dumplings are sold all over the street. You can find a recipe for empanadas in the participation tip ! Meat is always an important part of the meal. The beef is […]

Argentina Early History

Argentina Early History

The first residents Between 15,000 and 10,000 BC BC people first settled in what is now Argentina. They came from the north. Some indigenous peoples were still living as hunters and gatherers when the first Europeans entered the country in the 16th century. In the pampas and in northern Patagonia, for example, the Het and […]

Argentina Politics

Argentina History and Politics

Democratization (1912-1930) and the Notorious Decade Many presidents in the 19th and early 20th centuries ruled dictatorially and supported the rich landowners. Indians and immigrants did not even have the right to vote. It was not until 1912 that Roque Sáenz Peña introduced universal suffrage, after political opponents had strongly urged it. From 1916 to […]