Argentina History Part 14

Argentina History Part 14

History cannot grant extenuating circumstances to the bloodthirsty dictator while acknowledging the indisputable merit of the conquest of Patagonia. An attempt was made to rehabilitate it; for example by Saldias, and more recently by García Calderón, who likes to consider him the true founder of federal unity, the true pure American who rose to power, the final […]

Argentina History Part 13

Argentina History Part 13

The tyrannical dictatorship of Rosas began, therefore, at the end of ’29, as a simple governorate of Buenos Aires; in 1932 he apparently gave his place to the government of General Juan Ramón Balcarce, glorious remnant of the May revolution, who remained in office until November 1933, and then to that of Viamonte, which lasted […]

Argentina History 12

Argentina History Part 12

The Pueyrredón, having considered his mandate fulfilled, resigned and the Congress appointed Rondeau as interim director. The civil war burned with greater violence: the rebels, waving the federal flag, organized a real army, which threatened the capital; the Congress was dissolved; Buenos Aires, alone against the provinces, was appointed a provincial legislature of 12 deputies, […]

Argentina History Part 11

In the capital the election of the constituent assembly had finally taken place, which met for the first time on the evening of January 30, 1813: extremists appeared there Monteagudo and Pedro José Agrelo stood out there; the young Alvear, destined for a great future, Vicente López, singer of the revolution, the other poet Cayetano […]

Argentina History 10

Argentina History Part 10

Having obtained a mission to London, he embarked on January 4, 1811, but died during the voyage, on March 4, aged only 33. On 18 December the new council was formed, increased of the provincial deputies and became of 20 members, of which only 5 of the ideas of Moreno: Paso, Rodríguez Peña, Larrea, Matheu […]

Argentina History 09

Argentina History Part 9

Such was the May Revolution, the baptism of Argentine nationality: an apparently incoherent and confusing movement, devoid of a clear and well-defined directive idea, but in reality very rich in developments and above all singularly intelligent. It would suffice to prove it, if there were no other reasons, the fact that all the other South […]

Argentina History 08

Argentina History Part 8

The new viceroy found the situation very serious; liberal ideas (we indicate with this word both the tendencies towards reforms with the old regime, as well as those of complete emancipation) had made a great step forward. Shortly before his arrival, on May 25, the Chuquisaca revolt broke out, with the deposition of the president-governor, […]

Argentina History 07

Argentina History Part 7

The enthusiasm aroused by this fact of arms was extraordinary not only in Spanish America, but also in all of Europe; minus England, of course, which was mortified, and irritated to the point of preparing a new expedition under the command of the future Duke of Wellington; but then he could not carry it out […]

Argentina History 06

Argentina History Part 6

Trafalgar’s victory, making England mistress of the seas, put the Spanish colonies in serious danger. In January 1806, General David Baird conquered the Cape of Good Hope, attributed to the Dutch by the treaty of Amiens, and the commodore of his team, Home Popham, a good sailor, adventurous spirit, but greedy for prey, suggested him […]

Argentina History 05

Argentina History Part 5

In the vast colony, pastoralism was increasingly developing, improved with continuous crossings, and its products were exploited more widely. The importance and extent of agriculture grew more and more; although the cultivation of vines and olives was forbidden, in the province of Mendoza viticulture took on great development (7300 barrels of wine per year sent […]