Ocho Rios

Jamaica Attractions

Ocho Rios is about 108 km east of Montego Bay. The name goes back to the old Spanish word for “rushing river”, which means “eight rivers” in New Spanish. Although there are leisure facilities, hotels and restaurants here today, the dreamy atmosphere has not been completely lost. The Shaw Park Botanical Gardens make the heart […]

Caribbean Country Information

JAMAICA One of the Caribbean’s most iconic travel destinations, a legendary and unique island with a temperate climate and landscape that ranges from tropical rainforests and towering mountains to rolling grasslands and dramatic coastlines. Jamaica is a land of adventure, sophistication, and elegance. Plus, this destination has a fascinating history and culture that is unmistakably […]

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Jamaica Overview

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, after Cuba and Hispaniola. The country offers an impressive collection of waterfalls, mountain rainforest, beaches and not least a vibrant cultural life. Jamaica is repeatedly named one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Capital: Kingston Biggest city: Kingston State: monarchy within the Commonwealth Language: […]

Jamaica Arts and Literature

Jamaica Arts and Literature

Literature Jamaica’s literature is characterized by linguistic mixes and oral tradition that survive in the performance of poems and in close connection with popular forms of music. Recurring themes are cultural clashes, race problems and poverty, ie. the consequences of a cruel colonial history, of slavery and exploitation. The oldest literature was written by white […]