Ocho Rios

Jamaica Attractions

Ocho Rios is about 108 km east of Montego Bay. The name goes back to the old Spanish word for “rushing river”, which means “eight rivers” in New Spanish. Although there are
leisure facilities, hotels and restaurants here today, the dreamy atmosphere has not been completely lost. The Shaw Park Botanical Gardens make the heart of all garden lovers beat faster. Near the town is Dunn’s River Falls, a 200 m high waterfall that cascades down numerous steps into a picturesque bay. The Brimmer Hall and Prospect plantations are also some of the most popular places to visit in the area.

Bananas, sugar cane and spices are grown here in a traditional way. Driving through the dark, still Fern Gully is unforgettable, a 5 km long gorge that is home to over half of the island’s 500 different species of ferns.

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Night-time canoe trips on the White River with torchlight and drum accompaniment are also adventurous. Remnants of Jamaica’s past can be admired at the museum and 24-hour outdoor park at Columbus Park in Discovery Bay. There are beautiful beaches in Runaway Bay . You can dive wonderfully and also rent riding horses. In theRunaway Caves offer boat trips on the underground lake of the “Green Cave” at a depth of 35 m.

Negril is 50 miles west of Montego Bay. The dreamlike beach is 11 km long. First known as an artists’ colony, the city became the center of Jamaica’s “alternative” culture in the mid-1960s.
Today, Negril is a major tourist center, but unlike other vacation spots, it has largely retained its original character. New buildings in the city must not be built too high and must fit into the cityscape. There are numerous clubs and discos on the beach. Rick’s Cafe is on the extreme western tip of Jamaica; both visitors and locals come here to enjoy the to admire the breathtaking sunset.

Kingston and the South

Kingston is the capital and cultural hub. The city has the largest natural harbor in the Caribbean (and the seventh largest in the world). Kingston is also a business town, where examples of 18th-century British colonial architecture sit alongside modern office blocks. A colorful and interesting collection of modern art can be seen at the National Gallery of Arts. A wide variety of trees and plants, including orchids, can be found at Hope Botanical Gardens. A band plays here on Sunday afternoons. There is a craft market on King Street. PortRoyal at the tip of the Harbor Peninsula is a museum from the days when Kingston was known as “the richest and most infamous city in the world” (under the rule of Captain Morgan and his privateers). The White Marl Arawak Museum is dedicated to the ancient culture of the Arawak Indians. The University of the West Indies buildings are located on a former sugar cane plantation, the site is open to the public. Caymanas Park is a busy horse track where bets can be placed every Wednesday, Saturday and public holidays. Golf tournaments are held at the Caymanas Golf Course in November. Polo is played nearby every weekend.

Port Antonio is nestled in one of the most beautiful bays in the Caribbean, surrounded by the Blue Mountains. The city dates back to the 16th century. Sights include Mitchell’s Folly,
a two-story mansion built by American millionaire Dan Mitchell in 1905, and the ruins of a 60 -room mansion. The sea is teeming with fish such as sailfish, wahoo, yellowtail, skipjack and kingfish – San Antonio hosts an international fishing contest and Blue Marlin Tournament every fall. The most magnificent villas on the island are in the foothills of the mountains. On the Rio Grande you can go rafting. Originally, rafts in Jamaica were only used to move bananas from the plantations to the port. Today, rafting is very popular among vacationers. From Berrydale in the Blue Mountains, embark on two-hour trips on bamboo rafts (for two people) through dense rainforest and past banana and sugar cane plantations to Rafter’s Rest restaurant in Margaret’s Bay. Somerset Falls is near the bay, where you can picnic, swim and enjoy the view in peace. Among the most beautiful beaches around Port Antonio are San San and Boston. About 8 km from Port Antonio is one of the most beautiful bays in the Caribbean, the Blue Lagoon, a crystal-clear bay with a freshwater spring.

North Coast resorts

Falmouth is a pretty port town 26 miles from Montego Bay. Rafting is available at nearby Rafters Village. Also nearby are Jamaica Swamp Safaris crocodile farm and the Greenwood Great House plantation home. The choir of the Church of St. Paul can be heard during the Sunday service.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay (colloquially “Mo’ Bay”) is one of the most famous vacation spots in the world. Founded in 1492, Montego Bay is one of the most modern cities in the Caribbean. Gloucester and Kent Avenues offer beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea and Coral Reef. There are three main beaches: Doctor’s Cave Beach (named after former owner Dr. McCatty and a cave that has since been washed away) has gorgeous white sand and exceptionally clear water. Walter Fletcher Beach is near downtown and is just a few steps from the Upper Deck Hotel. Cornwall Beach is a few meters from the Tourist Office. Not far from the coast is Rose Hall, the restored mansion of a sugar cane plantation built in 1760. The second owner, Annie Palmer, is said to have killed three husbands.

Rare bird species can be seen at Rockland Feeding Station, e.g. B. the mango hummingbird, the orange quit and the national bird of Jamaica, the “doctor bird”. At certain times of the day, visitors are allowed to feed the birds. In Catadupa one can buy tailor-made shirts and other clothing items.

Mandeville, the summer capital, is set amongst beautiful gardens and orchards. Mandeville is the center of citrus fruit cultivation and bauxite extraction in Jamaica, is 600 m above sea level. i.e. M. and is Jamaica’s highest city.
South of Mandeville on the way to the coast is the Milk River Baths. The water from the mineral springs reaches temperatures of up to 32°C and has been valued for its healing powers for 250 years. Close by is Lover’s Leap, a staggering 600-foot bluff in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Treasure Beach and the resort town of Bluefields.

Spanish Town, the ancient capital of Jamaica, is west of Kingston. The Town Hall Square, originally laid out in the style of a medieval Spanish town, is now primarily a testament to 18th-century English architecture. The Spanish Church of St. Jago de la Vega is the oldest church in the West Indies.

Ocho Rios