US 59 in Arkansas

US 49 and 59 in Arkansas

US 49 in Arkansas

US 49
Get started Helena
End piggott
Length 183 mi
Length 294 km

Helena Bridge




Fair Oaks





According to ablogtophone, US 49 is a US Highway in the US state of Arkansas. The road forms a north-south route from the Mississippi border at Helena through the town of Jonesboro to US 62 at Piggott. The route is 294 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 49 at Marvell.

US 49 in Mississippi crosses the Mississippi River from the capital Jackson via the Helena Bridge and thus enters the state of Arkansas. The road runs south of Helena, but does pass through West Helena. The route has 4 lanes without a central reservation and initially runs to the west, through a fairly flat area with meadows and the occasional row of trees. After Marvell, the road narrows to one lane in each direction. Just past Blackton there is an intersection with US 79. US 49 then curves north and follows small rivers. In the village of Brinkley you cross US 70 and then Interstate 40.

The US 49 then begins a long straight route to Jonesboro, a distance of 110 kilometers with only a few villages on the route. This part of Arkansas also consists of meadows with some trees here and there. US 64 is crossed in the hamlet of Fair Oaks. One mainly crosses farm roads, which are often not even paved. One then reaches the town of Jonesboro from the south. Jonesboro is one of the larger cities in Arkansas. There is a connection with US 63 in the city. US 49 then runs through the city and also downtown, and has 2×2 lanes after Jonesboro. In the town of Paragould, 35 kilometers away, you cross the US 412. US 49 then parallels the Missouri border for a while to the northeast and ends more than 50 kilometers further at Piggott at the intersection with US 62.


US 49 was created in 1926, but did not originally run in Arkansas. In 1963, US 49 was extended to Brinkley at I-40, in 1978 to the town of Jonesboro, and in 1980 to its current terminus at Piggott. On July 27, 1961, the Helena Bridge, a cantilever bridge spanning the Mississippi River, opened to traffic. Two stretches of US 49 have been widened to 4 lanes, between Helena and Marvell and from Jonesboro to Paragould. These are also the busiest stretches of US 49.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 5,200 vehicles cross the Helena Bridge on the Mississippi border, rising to a maximum of 12,000 vehicles at Helena. There are 6,000 vehicles on the four-lane section up to Marvella, then about 2,000 vehicles up to Brinkley. The section between Brinkley and Jonesboro is quiet with 1,200 to 2,500 vehicles, but in Jonesboro itself the US 49 is busier, with up to 37,000 vehicles near the center. Thereafter, 14,000 vehicles will drive on the four-lane section as far as Paragould and 2,100 vehicles south of Piggott.

US 59 in Arkansas

US 59
Get started Texarkana
End Eagleton
Length 116 mi
Length 187 km



The Queen



According to beautyphoon, US 59 is a US Highway in the US state of Arkansas. The road forms a north-south route in the southwest of the state and is completely double -numbered with other roads, US 71 between Texarkana and Mena and US 270 for the remainder of the route. The road is 187 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 59 at Lockesburg.

US 59 in Texas enters the state of Arkansas from Marshall, in the city of Texarkana. US 59 then heads north, right across the Texas – Arkansas border. The US 71 from Shreveport, Louisiana also merges directly, creating a double numbering. The road is then called State Line Avenue and has 2×2 lanes and is the main underlying road from the center to the north. The connection with Interstate 30 is a cloverleaf cloverleaf. North of Texarkana, the alignment shiftsa very small piece of Texas, so that the US 59 and US 71 actually run into Texan territory here. However, this only takes a few kilometers until you cross the Red River. The road then continues into Arkansas territory with 2×2 lanes. Past Ashdown the road narrows to one lane in each direction. One then still passes through a fairly flat area and crosses a few rivers. After about 50 kilometers you reach the intersection at Lockesburg with US 371. About 10 kilometers later, the intersection with US 70 follows, after which both roads are double-numbered for a bit. The roads then run together for about 12 kilometers until the town of De Queen. Here US 59 and US 71 turn north and US 70 continues west to Oklahoma.

US 59 and US 71 then enter a hillier area, the Ouachita Mountains. This area consists of narrow steep ridges. The road here is just a single lane road and heads north. At Wickes follow the intersection with US 278. The hills here are not very high and are not completely covered with forests, there are many clearings. After about 50 kilometers you reach the town of Mena. Here you cross several state routes and just north of Mena US 71 and US 59 split, US 59 merges with US 270 towards Oklahoma and US 71follows the route of US 270 towards Hot Springs, later towards Fort Smith in the north. The US 59 then runs together with the US 270 through a deep valley. After about 25 kilometers you reach the border with Oklahoma, after which the US 59 continues in Oklahoma to Poteau.


US 59 was added to the US Highway system in 1934. The route has not changed substantially in Arkansas since then. US 59 is completely double numbered in Arkansas with other US Highways, namely US 71 and US 270.


US 59 is part of the corridor where Interstate 49 in Arkansas could possibly be built.

Traffic intensities

27,000 vehicles drive daily in Texarkana and 13,000 vehicles north of I-30. This drops to 5,500 vehicles after Ashdown and 4,000 vehicles south of Lockesburg, before rising slightly to 6,200 vehicles east of The Queen. Between De Queen and Mena there are 3,500 to 5,800 vehicles, increasing to a maximum of 18,000 vehicles in Mena. Only 940 vehicles drive between Mena and the Oklahoma border.

US 59 in Arkansas