Guyana flag

Guyana Overview

According to Digopaul, Guyana is located in northeastern South America, and borders Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela. Suriname claims areas in eastern Guyana and Venezuela in areas in the west. However, Guyana’s contacts with Brazil are good. Guyana is an Indian word that means “land of waters”, which is true as Guyana is one of the […]

Guyana Arts and Literature

Guyana Arts and Literature

Literature, drama and theater Guyana’s multicultural reality is reflected early in its literature. One example is the black 19th century poet Simon Christian Oliver, who in his poems protested against slavery. He is one of the authors featured in Norman Cameron’s important anthology “Guianese Poetry: 1831–1931” (1931). The poet AJ Seymour’s magazine Kyk-over-al (1945–61) became […]

Sloth Island Nature Reserve, Guyana

Wildlife and Plant Life in Guyana

Plant life in Guyana The flora belongs to the Neotropical Flora kingdom. Mangrove vegetation and many grass species adapted to salt and brackish water protect the coast from erosion. Within the coastal zone there are wetlands with coarse, tufted grass and palm species. coconut palms. Tropical rainforest covers approx. three quarters of the land area. […]

The Potaro River

Geography of Guyana

Guyana can be divided into two main geographical regions: coastal plain and the interior highlands. The approximately 60 kilometers wide coastal plain is largely reclaimed land that is partially below sea level. It is protected by an extensive system of dikes and drainage channels. Within the coastal plain, the country first rises faintly against a […]