Cape trees in Paraguay

Geography of Paraguay

Paraguay is divided into two of the Paraguay River in the north-south direction. East of the river, the bedrock consists of outlets from the Brazilian bedrock with some sedimentary cover layers, while the areas to the west are part of the Chaco plain. Along the river there is a wide swamp area with annual floods.

Cape trees in Paraguay


The country lies around the southern turning circle and has a relatively humid, semi-tropical climate. Two thirds of the country is in the temperate zone, one third in the tropical zone.

December – February is the warmest period of 28–30 °C, June – August is the coolest with average temperatures from around 15 °C in the south to just over 20 °C in the north. The annual rainfall is evenly above 1000–2000 millimeters with minimum July – August.

Plant life in Paraguay

A substantial part of the country is made up of savannas. Large forests east of the Paraguay River, including the yerbatre, an evergreen tree in the holly family. The leaves from this provide teen maté that is widely consumed in Argentina and other South American countries. The Chaco area includes quebracho and rosewood trees. Forests cover more than half of Paraguay’s area.

Wildlife in Paraguay

Paraguay has a rich wildlife, consisting of about 167 different types of mammals in addition to other species. The greatest diversity of species is found in the eastern part of the country.

Among the plains there are deer, guinea pigs, giant ants, several species of reptiles and a variety of rodents ( mara, viscacha, golden hares ). Opossum, howler monkeys, kapusineraper and squirrel monkeys live in the forests. Predators The fauna includes jaguar, puma, many felinae (including ozelot ), foxes and weasel.

A number of animal species such as the jaguar, tapir, wagner peccary, maned wolf and Southern Tamandua considered endangered, largely because of illegal trade.

In Paraguay there are just under 650 bird species. Examples of birds found in Paraguay is the ostrich-like rheas, TINAMOU, shepherd bird, condors, pigeons, toucans and ovnsfugler. About 80 of the species are native to the area, and many of the birds are very colorful.

Mara is in a zoo

Of endangered bird species in Paraguay are the harpy eagle, blue-winged parakeet, green-winged redder, black-browed hawk and curly-hawk.

In Paraguay there are around 160 reptile species, such as caimans, turtles, lizards and snakes.

There is a rich fish fauna in the rivers, consisting of over 300 species.

The roaring Monkeys