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Paraguay History and Politics

History of Paraguay until independence The first residents It is proven that around 9000 BC BC people lived in what is now Paraguay. Over time, various indigenous peoples were formed. The Aché Indians are considered the descendants of the indigenous people. Around 500 BC The agricultural Guaraní came from the north, from the Amazon region, […]

Paraguay Animals

Paraguay Wildlife and Economy

Animals & Plants in Paraguay Paraguay is a rather flat country. Unlike in the more western South American countries, the Andes do not run through Paraguay. The typical mountains with steep slopes are missing. In contrast, animals and plants that are adapted to this drought live in the dry west of the Chaco. Freshwater fish […]

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Paraguay Overview

Paraguay is located in central South America and borders Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. The largest part of the population lives in the southern part of the country. In 1524, the first Spanish conquistadors came to what later became Paraguay. The Jesuits settled in the area and gained increasing influence during the 16th and 17th centuries. […]

Paraguay Arts and Literature

Paraguay Arts and Literature

Literature, drama and theater The conflicts with the neighboring countries, the isolation and the search for a Paraguayan identity are recurring themes of the poets in Paraguay, especially Josefina Plá, Herib Campos Cervera, Hugo Rodríguez Alcalá and Rúben Bareiro Saguier. Long-standing dictatorships have driven many writers into exile, such as the socially engaged poet Elvio […]

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Geography of Paraguay

Paraguay is divided into two of the Paraguay River in the north-south direction. East of the river, the bedrock consists of outlets from the Brazilian bedrock with some sedimentary cover layers, while the areas to the west are part of the Chaco plain. Along the river there is a wide swamp area with annual floods. […]

Literature of Paraguay

Literature of Paraguay

Paraguay was sent its own literature because of the troubled political conditions in the country. The first romantics appeared in the mid-1800s. These include Carlos Antonio López, who was Paraguay’s president in the years 1841-1862. The foremost author of the so-called 1900 generation was Juan E. O’Leary. Among the modernist movement’s lyricists are Eloy Fariña […]

Art in Paraguay

Art in Paraguay

After the Spanish conquest of Paraguay in the 16th century, a popular art was created by the country’s masturbation population. In the encounter with Spanish art, wood sculptures were made, for example popular saintly works. In the 18th century, the Jesuit priests’ missionary activities gave rise to a new religious art, characterized by the craftsmen […]

Music in Paraguay

Theater and Music in Paraguay

Theater in Paraguay During the colonial period, the Jesuits initiated theater production in both Spanish and the local Native American guaraní, as well as traveling theater companies visiting the country. After independence in 1811, cultural development was for a long time hindered by particularly brutal regimes. In the early 1900s, the country was visited by […]