Venezuela Tourist Guide

Venezuela Tourist Guide

Geography, population, religion. The capital is Caracas. Venezuela is located in the northern part of South America, between Brazil in the south (the total length of the border is about 2200 km), Colombia in the west (2050 km) and Guyana (743 km) in the east. From the north it is washed by the Caribbean Sea […]

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Venezuela Overview

Venezuela is located in northern South America and borders Brazil, Colombia and Guyana. Venezuela has coasts to the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic and shares maritime borders with Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles and Trinidad and Tobago. Capital: Caracas Biggest city: Caracas State: Federal Republic Language: Spanish Religion: catholicism Surface: 912 050 km Population: 29.7 […]

Art in Venezuela

Art in Venezuela

The art in Venezuela shows a close connection to Spanish art. The oldest buildings from the colonial period were built according to Spanish models and partly carried out by Spanish architects. The Renaissance architecture came to Venezuela relatively late and reveals a clear continuation of the so-called plate response style. The Baroque was initiated by […]

Literature of Venezuela

Literature of Venezuela

Venezuela’s first major author was Andrés Bello, one of Latin America’s most important cultural personalities in the 19th century. The politician and freedom hero Simón Bolívar had an extensive political and socially oriented literary production. The romance was first and foremost represented by the lyricist José Antonio Maitín (1804-1874). Gonzalo Picón-Febres (1860-1918) made his mark […]

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Geography of Venezuela

Venezuela has a varied geography and topography that encompasses both the Caribbean coast, the Amazon rainforest, the lowlands (Llanos) and the northern end of the Andes. The eastern part of the country, east and south of Orinoco, is made up of the Guyanese Highlands, also known as the Amazon Shield. This is part of a […]


Wildlife in Venezuela

Most wildlife in Venezuela is similar to what is otherwise found in tropical South America. Of the large predators there are cougars, jaguars and ocelot and a number of smaller cat species. Forests are home to monkeys, especially howler monkeys and kapusineraper with prehensile tail. Of larger forest animals are tapir, spear-deer and half-bears ( […]



Venezuela, Republic of Northern South America, by the Caribbean. Venezuela borders in the west to Colombia, in the south to Brazil and in the east to Guyana. Just off the coast are Trinidad and Tobago and the Netherlands Antilles. Venezuela was part of the Spanish colonial empire, was proclaimed independent in 1811, became part of […]