Uruguay Economy

Uruguay Economy

ECONOMY: AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY, LIVESTOCK AND FISHING The primary sector participates for 10.1% in the formation of the GDP and employs 10.7% of the workforce (2007). Agriculture, once absolutely neglected, has been assuming increasing importance; the soil, almost everywhere very fertile, is however mainly used for breeding. In addition to supplying the domestic market, agriculture also […]

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Uruguay Overview

Uruguay is located in southeastern South America and borders Argentina and Brazil. The country began to be colonized in the 17th century and from 1776 it was part of the Spanish Viceroyalty of La Plata. In 1814 the country became independent, but was incorporated into Brazil between 1821 and 1828. Capital: Montevideo Biggest city: Montevideo […]

Uruguay Arts and Literature

Uruguay Arts and Literature

Literature Rural life with the freedom-loving gauchon as a symbol, the liberation from Spanish colonial power and the search for a national identity were central themes in the literature in Uruguay during the 19th and early 1900’s, in the prose with Eduardo Acevedo Díaz and Carlos Reyles and within poetry with Bartolomé Hidalgo and Juan […]

Music in Uruguay

Theater and Music in Uruguay

Theater in Uruguay Uruguay’s theater history is in many ways linked to Argentina’s because of the geographical location around Río de la Plata. Several Uruguayan theater people have worked more in Argentina than at home, and this has led to the late establishment of their own modern, professional theater. The first theater opened in Montevideo […]

Literature of Uruguay

Literature of Uruguay

Uruguay’s literature originated in the independence wars of the early 1800s. From there, literature has evolved in line with literary trends in the rest of Latin America in general, and in Argentina in particular. National identity and gaucho literature Early Uruguayan literature is characterized not by particular aesthetic expressions, but by being concerned with a […]

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Geography of Uruguay

Uruguay forms a transition area between Brazil’s highlands and the Argentine plain of Pampas. Large parts of the country’s central parts consist of slate and sandstone from Perm and Mesozoic. Along the border with Brazil a number of hills where the bedrock consists mainly of red sandstone, partly covered by basalt. From here, two altitudes […]

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Uruguay Guide

Uruguay is a republic in southeastern South America. The country is like a cone bordering Brazil in the north and east, Argentina in the west and the Atlantic in the south and southeast. Uruguay is South America’s second smallest country and is an economically well-developed democracy. More than half of the inhabitants live in the […]

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Geography of Venezuela

Venezuela has a varied geography and topography that encompasses both the Caribbean coast, the Amazon rainforest, the lowlands (Llanos) and the northern end of the Andes. The eastern part of the country, east and south of Orinoco, is made up of the Guyanese Highlands, also known as the Amazon Shield. This is part of a […]